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Enhance your life, all you need is a little space

Enjoy many of the health benefits a sauna can bring to your home, such as assisting your body to detox, increase circulation and ease aching muscles, just to name a few. With over 23 years carpentry experience, Sauna & Steam SA can turn just about any space into your own personal sauna.  From solid cedar free standing cabin saunas to custom fitted, Western Red Cedar saunas in the privacy of your own home. We will work with you every step of the way from design to installation to ensure that all your needs are met within budget, taking into consideration space constraints. Sauna & Steam SA have also designed and installed custom fitted saunas into many of the, Aquatic Centres Gymnasiums and Hotels in and around Adelaide.

What's your preference?

temperatureSaunas are a perfect way for you to relax, indulge the senses and detox your body to enhance your well being and general health.  But did you know that Scandinavian sauna bathing takes two traditional forms: ‘Traditional Sauna’ and ‘Soft Sauna’. We would recommend a classic Tylo heater (for example the Tylo Sport) for those wanting to enjoy a ‘Traditional Sauna’ with temperatures of 75-90°C in a relative humidity of 5-15%, this is gained by ladling fresh water over the hot sauna stones.  But, if high, dry temperatures are more to your liking, 95-110°C, this heater is capable of achieving this just by adjusting the temperature control.

For those wanting to experience a ‘Soft Sauna’, a gentler form of sauna in 45-65°C, then the Tylo Combi is the heater for you.  This heater allows you to pre-select the humidity creating a continuous and automatic supply of steam ensuring constant humidity of 40-65%.

If you want to enjoy ‘soft saunas’ and ‘traditional hot and dry saunas’, the Tylo Combi is an ingenious solution that combines all the options in one single heater.

For a quote or more information about our custom fitted saunas, contact us on (08) 8327 3616 or email below